I am excited

I has swift
The saga of the swift is finally over! Not the greatest picture but I am so happy it’s here.

It’s only a saga due to the Postie. He managed to stick the “You were out” card through the wrong letter box on Christmas Eve, not that I was out of course.. they just rarely bring anything that is too large to go through the letterbox. I am assuming the person at No6 was away for the festive season – why else would they keep the card until Tuesday this week before putting it through my letterbox? Thankfully it was still within the “we’ll keep it 3 weeks before we send it back” phase.

I still need the ball winder – only posted on the 5th – to arrive and I will be content. Still no Heb either, but I am not entirely sure when the lovely Kris at ecoknits posted it.

I blogged too soon! The ball winder just arrived – there may have been screaming, not with excitement though, I was walking past the entry phone when it went off, loudly. I think I jumped about a foot in the air too.



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2 responses to “I am excited

  1. Just a thought – maybe the Postie stuck the ‘you were out’ card for the Heb through someone else’s postbox? Have you asked at the post office if there’s a package lurking for you on the back of a shelf?

    Will continue to chase Nude Ewe folks though 🙂

    Love the swift – where did you get it from?

    • missraa

      It’s been over 3 weeks, if the Post Office did have it, it will be being returned by now. Plus they never answer the phone :(.

      I got the swift here.

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