Since Christmas I have neglected knitting. Previously I’d always found it a calming pursuit, so you’d think in this time of anxiety, I would have been knitting up a storm… Initially that was the case with me getting Mum’s Christmas cardi done at my usual pace. Suddenly, after Christmas Day, I just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm. My beautiful Manos jumper sat in my knitting bag, I’d pick it up and do 2 rows or so then bundle it away. I seemed to have lost my Knitting Mojo. “Quel Horreur!” I hear you cry.

A few days ago Ed found me on Ravelry and friended me, we started to chat on Facebook about various knitting things and suddenly I found myself enthusing over Leena’s Mitten Kits and Fish Hats and asking Ed over to fondle my stash and sit and knit with me while we watched a movie and poured wine into Erin (and ourselves).

I’ve been online and ordered more yarn from Kris – some more Manos, but Clasica this time and a little Aarni. I am excited to be knitting again, so watch this space (and Ravelry, if I know you there) for me to be posting some new yarn and finished garments.

Have fun and keep your Knitting Mojo safe and warm this winter.


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