Project planning

I do like the feeling of having something to do once the Pina is finished.

In the past I’ve usually waited until I was done with one thing before moving on the to the next, I guess just in case I lost interest in knitting entirely, but this time I have all that yummy Manos yarn and a plan.

I was going to use it to make a cherie amour, but I looked again at the pattern and, although I do like it, I think it might be a bit beyond me yet (I’ve never knit using charts). While I was looking for ideas for using the Clasica, Kris from Ecoknits suggested I knit Garnet (second row centre), so I ordered the pattern for a look. It seems much simpler than the Cherie, but it’s still lacey which will prove a challenge for me.

Now all that remains is finishing my Pina. The second sleeve is on the needles but there’s still a way to go. Better get knitting.


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