Still Procrastinating.

The Pina is still sitting untouched and I don’t know what my issue is with picking it up. It’s gorgeous yarn, it knits like a dream, it looks fabulous and it’s almost finished. Instead of getting on with it I have read 3 books, I have knitted an abomination in silk (hard work that one too, much harder than finishing the damned sleeve), I have started a scarf in the Mirasol Sulka I bought (need more of it), I have sorted my stash, I have wound balls from skeins, I have cooked, changed the bed linen, done laundry, played with the cat and generally done everything and anything other than knit the sweater. Today I am going to write the note to keep the decrease rows straight, and I am going to decide where and how I will block it (the bed is awkward since I am never sure when I will need to go lie in it and sleep). Maybe one piece at a time on the stool if it’s big enough.

I will have my pretty Manos sweater, and it will be soon (even if I have to hide all the other yarn & needles in the house).


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