As the Garnet draws to a close I am once again planning ahead, or at least, trying to. I had planned on a cardigan in Noro Iro, but with that particular yarn being discontinued, it looks like that isn’t going to happen (and don’t get me started on how I just bought a book stuffed with Iro patterns I liked). I will probably still knit it in something else, but blah, I am scunnered with that project right now, so I’m putting it on hold until later.

So what can I do with yarn I actually have? Well I am looking for a pattern for the Heb, but I am fussy and I want exactly the right thing to knit for that yarn. That leaves me with the new Manos. In my new Noro Book (yes, that one with all the Iro patterns) there is a sweater I kind of like and its’ cardigan version. They would work in the Manos, but I’d like to combine the patterns and make the cardi have a v-neck and make it longer… and well I also need to do some swatches, for tension and to see how the Manos looks in the stitch pattern and then I need to think about altering patterns.. and how to go about it, and well it seems like a lot to do. I’ll let you know what I decide.. but I really do think it will look great.. here’s hoping both my knitting and brain are up to the task.


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