What another post?

I have knit so much today I am almost finished the back. There’s only about 5ins to go but I am pretty tired so I won’t get it finished tonight.

I’ve altered the pattern, adding a little to the chevron part and a little more before the armhole shaping. I have taken notes so I will be able to reproduce it on the fronts easily. I thought I might do the sleeves next as that will give me a bit more time to work out how to turn it into a v-neck (really I just need to pay attention to the number of sts I need to leave for the shoulders and make sure I have that many left). In the original pattern the sleeves are 3/4 length, but I think I will make them full length and have the chevrons all the way from the elbow to the wrist.

I should go and see if the Garnet is totally dry and unpin it if it is. Then I will decide if I am too tired to pin out the front or if I should leave it to tomorrow… I suspect the latter.


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