Crimes and Misdemeanors

Didn’t get through as much knitting today as I’d have liked, or get the breakfast I wanted. I was too busy cleaning up after the thief who stole my scones, and making myself an alternate breakfast.

When I rose from my bed this morning, and stumbled into the living room, the last thing I expected to step on was a half eaten (and by now, stale) scone. I also didn’t expect to find that the bag of scones I had left on the counter, to be on the kitchen floor, torn open, full of half chewed baking and for there to be crumbs everywhere. I had to bin them, not just because they were now stale, but they were also covered in kitty drool and clean up… Yes, Lou likes scones, not that I had realised quite how much before her daring counter raid, but well.. I had to have scrambled eggs for breakfast instead of scones and jam. Would you believe certain kitty is now sulking because she is sadly neglected having been denied her treats this morning….? I’d have been surprised if she’d had any room for them in her scone stuffed little belly.

In kniting news, I have the front of the Garnet blocking, once it’s dry there will be neck knitting while the sleeves block, and soon there will be an FO.. W00t!


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