This was only supposed to be about knitting

When I started this blog I fully intended that it would only be about knitting & sewing, but other parts of my life intrude, as they intrude into my knitting & sewing in all sorts of ways. Today having blocked and sewed together the front & back of the Garnet, I realised I didn’t have the correct size of circular needle to knit the neck, my straights of that size were being used for something else, so I was stuck.

For most people this would be a fairly minor set back, a quick trip to their LYS and problem solved… if only this was an easy thing for me to be able to do. A few months ago I began having panic attacks, going anywhere was a problem, but over time I can now go out to places near home or that I am familiar with, usually if I need to go anywhere different, or too far, or too crowded I go with someone. Today I called mum to see if she wanted to go out with me, she was just leaving to go visit my sister. I called Ed, he was also busy. This exhausts my supply of people that aren’t working and who might be interested in visiting a yarn store with me. “Bollocks”, I thought. Although my LYS is lovely, and staffed by lovely people, it is not really that local. It is in town and town is far & busy, with people… I was desperate to get on with the Garnet though and I am also fairly bloody minded, so I decided I would just go. I put on my brave hat, went to the cash machine and got a taxi.. all the way to town, by myself! By the time I got to K1, I was shaking, sweating and almost in tears, but I was there. After a few minutes to collect myself and calm down I was fine. I bought some wonderful Fyberspates Scrumptious and some Noro Kochoran, the circs I wanted plus some other needles, Knit Simple Winter 2008/09, and sat and had tea and shared the chocolate croissants I had brought with Sarah. I knitted a little, but wasn’t really feeling settled enough, and, as usual these days, I only have a certain tolerance for being out and about, so once I found a cab, I headed home. All of this completely exhausted me, and so, once I got home, I had to go and have a lie down and a small nap, but I am very pleased that I managed it. I may have been mildy panicky, but I didn’t have a full scale attack, the world did not end, and I was able to get through it and win.

I am delighted to say, the Garnet now has a neck and I will post pics of the new yarn tomorrow. Now I am off to have fish fingers and chips for dinner – comfort food after a difficult day – and maybe sew a sleeve on.



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4 responses to “This was only supposed to be about knitting

  1. missraa

    The *big* thing of the fire seems to have shut up the panic.. not sure how long for, but I am enjoying being able to do a little more (which let’s face it I NEED to be able to do) for a bit at least.

  2. Good for you! I did the panic attack thing a few years ago, and it’s bloody frightening, and not a little inconvenient.

    Theraputic knitting is a wonderful thing. xx

  3. missraa

    It seems the urge for knitting supplies can overcome anything…

  4. Puzzle

    Yeah for medicinal yarn outings

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