Hopefully I’ll know tomorrow a little more what’s happening…

My insurance guy is finally coming to look over the damage!

In knitting news I finally sewed up the Garnet! and have even worn it..

I know, I look like a heifer...

I know, I look like a heifer...

Never trust your mother to take the pictures :S

My mindless project is the Bell-Sleeve Jacket from Knit Simple Winter 08/09. I don’t think I can block it here though, it might need to wait until I get back home (whenever that is). I have all but one sleeve and the collar done, and I am thinking ahead again.

I have 600g of Heb.. there is a cardi in issue 11 of Yarn Forward – Copine, in undyed, eco-friendly wool by Shannon Okey – that I thought I might *squeeze* out of the Heb.

Oh, and a big CONGRATULATIONS! to Kris from Ecoknits for all her coverage in YF. This month is a special Green Edition and Kris has not only an advert in the issue, but gives her opinion on eco-friendly knitting, and Ecoknits gets a mention as somewhere for the eco-minded to shop online, and there is a picture of the lovely Riihivilla Arni yarn that she sells too!


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