Flat update…No knitting news

Well, my insurers sent a guy to look over the flat for the purposes of cleaning. They will clean the entire place from top to bottom, including walls, ceilings and furnishings before sending a report to the insurance company re what hasn’t cleaned up and needs replaced/redecorated. This all sounds great…. except the Housing Association (HA) haven’t started clearing out the flat where the fire was and although I was under the impression that they were going to clean out the ducting for the extractor fans (a lot of the smoke and soot came in that way) all that has happened is a guy turned up to clean the fans themselves.. so all that soot and all those particulates are still in the ducts and vents and making their way in to my flat – I was there for about 2 hours yesterday and sounded like a man by the time I left – the chap who did the fans says his report states that he thinks the ducts need done so we will see.

Now I don’t see much point in the contractor coming in and cleaning my flat before the fire damage downstairs has been dragged out through the common stair and the ducts have been blown through as all the muck will get tracked back in to my flat and it’ll need cleaned again. The insurance cleaning guy is of the same opinion. So where does that leave me? Still at mum’s with no idea when I will be able to live in my flat :(. In addition the new bed I bought has arrived at the store and is waiting to be delivered, luckily they were very understanding, and have offered to keep it for as long as needed.

Here are some picures of some soot to keep you all going, I have to look at it every time I go back there, so it’s only fair I share….


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