It seems like so long since I was here…

Finally I have some time to sit and update.. (there may have been something to do with inclination in there too).

Not much news though. The flat is still in the same state, although I am hopeful that SOMETHING might be happening soon.. plus all this delay has worked to my advantage in some ways.. They might be finished ripping the guts out of the flat downstairs by the time I get cleaned up and organised and all the resultant mess from that will also have been cleaned up!

News from the land of knitting is not great.. or rather I haven’t been knitting much – especially the last couple of days of having a computer and internet access! I have a sock (the first of a pair, obvioulsy, or maybe hopefully) on the go, I haven’t picked up the Smoke Alarm cardi since before I went to cat sit for Ed & Erin, there are 2 projects hibernating at the flat and umm well that’s all the knitting news really. La la la.. I know, I should get my ass in gear. Truth is I’d rather be planning nights out and dancing.

Last episode of BSG is shown in the States tonight, plan is to get a copy toomorrow and then watch it with Ed & Erin on Sunday… if anyone spoilers me I will be forced to stick crochet hooks in them where the sun don’t shine!


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