Adventures in Extractor Fans – Episode 8

So tomorrow is E day! We’ve had several previous episodes, including the One Where Nothing Happened and the One Where it Looked Like Something Was Going to Happen, Then Didn’t. I just hope this new episode doesn’t turn out to be a repeat of one of those…

The, hopefully, Final Solution is that instead of cleaning out the ducting – which is proving impossible, it would seem – they are going to fit a new fan. This fan has a flap in the back that closes when it’s not turned on, blocking anything from entering the fan, and therefore my flat.

It’s not exactly what I wanted but it seems like a viable alternative… and hey, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just complain more… and then possibly move in to the Housing Association’s foyer until I am satisfied. If I can just have no more soot, gunk, plaster dust and general ick coming in I will be happy.

If all goes well tomorrow this is the start of something big dear readers, as you know once stuff stops coming in I can have the place cleaned, then I can have the place painted, then I can get the bed delivered and MOVE IN!

I know, I know! I shouldn’t be getting too excited in case it all goes bad, but after almost 6 weeks I can finally see the tiniest sliver of light… it might not be at the end of a the tunnel… but then again it just might….


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