The One Where Our Heroine Does a Happy Dance

Yesterday’s episode of Adventures in Extractor Fans saw our brave heroine, once again, set out to let a workman into her flat. He arrived promptly and without further ado removed the old fan, exclaiming how filthy it was – given it was thouroughly clean only 2 weeks ago this shows how much muck was entering the fan from the ducting. He then proceeded to install a new “bigger, faster, stronger” fan – except it’s smaller than the old one – he totally sealed it and then advised our heroine to keep it turned on for as long as possible, in the hope that it’s megafan would blast as much muck out of the ducting directly behind it and therefore help solve the problem of stuff coming in. This was done, the bathroom was cleaned and our heroine stayed for many hours at the flat to give the scheme as much chance of success as possible. With the worsening weather she decided to sleep in the flat rather than get cold and wet trying to get back to Cumberland St after the 36 bus had stopped running – plus she’d have had to come back today to check on it anyway.

This morning, having turned the fan off before bed last night, the bathroom was closely examined, happy dances were done as it was noted that the bathroom was STILL clean!

After a joyous phone call this morning it can be revealed that next week will see a new series called Adventures in Cleaning Crews, and further spin-off series  entitled Adventures in Painters & Decorators and Adventures in Moving Back into Your Flat are expected soon.



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2 responses to “The One Where Our Heroine Does a Happy Dance

  1. missraa

    I know!!! Many Yays!

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