My knitting laziness knows no bounds…

All I have been doing recently is knitting the odd row of a sock I started a couple of weeks ago, I’m not even overly fond of the pattern or yarn.

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I felt the pull of the Smoke Alarm cardi. I think today I will get it out of the bag and work out where the heck I am with the sleeve and try knitting a little of it. I can’t really go without some serious yarn handling  for long. Much as my mojo deserts me, the needles always drag me back. Even as I am typing I can hear it whispering to me.

Yesterday I ordered some NDS Dazzle DK from Ecoknits, one green and one pink as I thought I might knit Saartje’s Bootees and the Berry Baby Hat for A & J’s new addition.

There’s nothing like buying new yarn to make you want to knit like a maniac.


I had forgotten how much of the Smoke Alarm cardi I had actually knitted!

Only this sleeve, the collar, blocking and sewing up to go…


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