Noooooes, there is a crisis here!

I have run out of meaningful knitting!!!!

The Smoke Alarm cardi is stalled until  I can get it home to block it. I have some laceweight yarn, and a shawl pattern here but the yarn isn’t balled and there is no way I am doing it by hand (winder is packed away from the cleaners then the painters) I have 4 small balls of Arni – the natural brown – but no pattern/spare needles for it here. I also have that sock – the one I am not liking knitting, so it doesn’t count. I don’t expect the Dazzle to get here this soon so no hat & bootees.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at my flat but all my knitting books/patterns are packed up too :S I may have to go and buy yarn for something to knit, and a pattern and possibly needles too :S.

I need you all to send me enough good knitting thoughts to get me through these few dark hours until I can get to a knitting dealer and get a fix.. I swear I can feel the knitting withdrawal just moments away….


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