Not much more to do

The furniture is all in place, Ed helped me reposition it yesterday. We also went to B&Q where I purchased a new loo seat of much bamboo loveliness. I’m not putting it on the loo until after the ceiling gets painted this week though, as i would cry if it got paint on it. I also have a new bathmat :). On Thursday Malcolm popped up to gaze upon the wonder that is my new bed, and to use his l33t tall person skills to put up my new lampshades.

All that remains to be done is getting rid of a ton of rubbish and sorting through the remaining few boxes to see if I want to keep or get rid of stuff. There is a load of clean laundry too, but I want a new ironing board cover before I tackle that – the old one is ingrained with soot and icky fire smells.

Soon there can be feeet up and knitting.


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