All change :)

I went a bit mad today and totally sorted out my stash. Now instead of 5 drawers and 3 bags of *stuff* I have 5 drawers and ONE bag – excluding my current project bag of course.

I cast on and started the front of the Fire & Brimstone, but I’ve frogged it back, never before happened to me, but the Manos Silk Blend was pooling… even more unusually I was using 2 balls and they both pooled in the same way together >.< must just be the size I’m knitting.. will investigate later how to make it stop.

I tried to ball the skein of lace weight I got with my sub to Yarn Forward, my yarn winder is too rough for it, it seems, and it just snapped, guess I’ll need to think about what to do with it.. may just give it to someone who likes knitting lace  -.o

I also frogged the Sea Breeze and now have (approx) 11 skeins of Noro Silk Garden to find something to do with.


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