Why is it…

that when there is vacuuming, tidying, dish washing and a little light shopping to be done, I find myself glancing longingly at my knitting? Why on other days, when there is knitting or finishing to be done, do I find myself  finding cupboards to clear out, counters to almost wipe the pattern off and bookshelves to dust and reorganise? Or indeed coffee machines to take apart and clean..?

Today I have house stuff to do, a friend is coming over the flat looks like a bomb has gone off (and not even a yarn bomb.. although there are 4 projects lying around that I can see from where I’m sitting).  I am not even washed and dressed yet, second coffee is sitting half drunk and no cleaning, tidying or any related activity has happened.

The thing that is happening is that I am looking at the neat, folded, blocked pieces of the Fire and Brimstone and thinking I could just sew that shoulder seam… then dragging my eyes away, my gaze falls on the unfinished back of the Kataranarina and I think, it wouldn’t take much time to finish, it’s already passed the armhole decreases… I am then quite stern with myself, I force myself to think about cleaning the stove. I think about my undrunk coffee and as I turn to look at it, my eyes slide over the Fire and Brimstone and I am back in the loop.

If only I got round to drinking the coffee I might manage to drag myself off the sofa.


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