I have totally got my Mojo going

This may be taking me a bit of time to knit, and I don’t really feel like I am getting anywhere fast (I’m only on my 6th pattern repeat, even though I knit LOADS yesterday) but I am so enjoying knitting this shawl. I know that each row has a few more stitches and that that means each row takes slightly longer than the last, therefore I get *less* done in the same amount of time.. but I actually don’t care how fast this is growing. I get a certain amount of satisfaction at the end of each pattern repeat, and it just spurs me on to do the next.

The Manos is doing it’s usual seeming to knit for miles, and I totally love the fact that I know where I am in the pattern all the time, and I’ve even managed to fix a couple of mistakes without ripping it back. I have eschewed a lifeline (for this project) as I constantly check my progress. If I go a bit wonky I usually spot it within a few stitches and can sort it out right there and then.

Right back off to the knitting (you know I have been so caught up in this, I haven’t even watched Caprica yet).


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