It’s a wind up….

I bless my yarn winder once again. Every so often I think it was a bit extravagant to have splashed out on an electric winder. I knit, but not *that much* except, then I have nights like last night. I had 6 skeins to wind (I have others but I’m not planning on using them any time soon), not an horrendous amount you might think, well, not unless 3 of them are lace weight.

The lace stuff took a while, even on the electric winder, and one of them got a bit snaggled , so needed fixed, and part of it had to be rewound. The other 3 were just 50g balls so were fast. This morning I added up the metreage out of curiosity and all I can say is, I feel justified. My money was, indeed, well spent. My little machine wound over 3250m of yarn. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken to try to wind it all by hand, or even on a manual winder. I also bless my swift regularly too. In fact today I bless all gadgets, all of the things that make my life easier.

Have a good day.


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