Goodness Gracious

Not so Long ago I posted some pictures of some Silk Garden. I loved it on the ball, but hated the knitted fabric it made.

You will also recall that I was using my Aran wt Heb to knit a Katarina

I liked it knit, but the fabric was really dense and I wasn’t convinced that it was right for a Katarina. I was poking about on Ravelry to see if I could either find my Silk Garden colourway knit into something nice, or something I could knit with it that might look nice. I went through pages and pages and the only things that really caught my eye were the ones that used Noro and a plain yarn. My head went in to Overdrive. On Wednesday morning I cast on the basic chunky cardigan from Knitting Noro using the Silk Garden and the Heb, alternating 2 rows of each.

By Wednesday evening I had the back and one front completed. I cast on the second front, but decided bed was the best option. By Thursday evening I had the other front finished, and both sleeves. Today (Friday) I sewed it all up, knitted the neck and front welts and then went shopping for buttons. Having blocked it gently with the iron, I sewed on buttons and put it on. All done..

The fact that I made a garment, ball to back, in less than 3 days is pretty amazing for me, but that it took so little yarn – 9x50g balls – is MORE amazing. I still have 350g of each yarn left, more than enough to knit something else.



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