Knitting fuel

I finally gave up with the DeLonghi coffee machine today, although it still works, it has *issues*. I cannot survive in a world without fresh coffee in the mornings. I can barely believe I couldn’t drink the stuff for 20 years. It now takes at least 2 large shot cups to get me functional, and a macchiato mid afternoon keeps me going until dinner. Without those little lightning bolts of caffeine I’d never be able to knit and a duvet would be my constant companion. This time I kinda pushed the boat out a little on the price (I may even need to stop buying yarn for a while.. yeah like that will ever happen), I bought a very shiny Dualit espressivo. Unlike the DeLonghi it doesn’t make filter coffee, but I think I only used it for that twice anyway. It is also a Which recommended gadget. So far I like it, it heats up fast, makes good coffee and gives a good crema layer.

The coffee machine buying did keep me out later than planned though, I didn’t get home until 5.45pm, and we all know that the NDS update is 5.30pm.. I dropped my bags threw some food at the cat to keep her quiet and fired up the laptop in full expectation of having missed out on ALL the Precious in ANY colour, never mind Gold (notice I’m not linking to the yarn, as it will probably all be gone before you get there :P). I was lucky though I managed to get a skein each of the 4 ply and the lace. Now I really need to decide what the heck I’m going to knit with all this yarn.

Such a long post and actual knitting has barely been mentioned!

I shall rectify that now though. The Gypsy Rose Leaf will have the edging knit tomorrow and be cast off! Hopefully I can get some decent pictures of it then. Although I do realise I keep promising pictures and not providing any, I did look at batteries the other day, but couldn’t remember what I needed them for, it is, of course, the camera.


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