Will it ever end?

The House of Raa is in an uproar. The trip to Ikea yesterday was a HUGE success, I have a new bookcase and a little unit (they were out of the dvd tower in birch). I now have a wall of books and dvds and a huge mess to tidy up.

The exciting part is the little cube unit. It’s by my desk, it will take my yarn winder, all my knitting porn (patterns & books), thread boxes, my sewing machine and some yarn (I hope) this will mean I have a CLEAR DESK, that’s never happened before.

HUGE thanks to Pid and Bear for the trip and help lugging stuff up to the third floor. Cake and pie were not payment enough by half.

Now just to get things back in to some semblance of order before H arrives for dinner….. Eeeep!


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