I have no idea where my lace knitting head has gone.

Over the past few days I’ve cast on and frogged SO much knitting, mainly due to a total lack of concentration on my part (adding or missing yos). Rather than mangle any really lovely yarn, I’m now using the free Colourmart Yarn I got with a YF sub. It’s nice, it’s merino, but it was free and therefore I’m not getting as cross with myself for mangling small amounts of it.

I have lot’s of pictures to put up here and on Ravelry, but the camera is far… and I am being feeble. I am considering seeing if taking painkillers and more coffee might make for a more surreal, but less painful day, but again that means getting up off the sofa. Yup, you know it’s a bad day when you are feeling too hurty to go get the pain pills…. wonder if I have any stashed in my handbag it, at least, is in feeble flailing distance.


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