Slowly, Slowly..

I’m still trying to get things organised properly after changing the living room. So much stuff got piled in the bedroom, the laundry got left to wash itself (didn’t work), and I ate lots of *bought* meals (as opposed to cooked meals). This lack of useful activity was compounded by my normal Endo pain which lasted over the weekend.

Today was mostly laundry, which helped clear space in the bedroom so I could get started in there. Bed needs changed and there is one more load to go in the machine, then I’ll dust & vacuum. Pile of mending can go on to the shelves, instead of sitting on top of the chest of drawers.. doesn’t mean I’ll get round to fixing those hems or buttons any sooner, but it looks tidier. Tomorrow I’ll also empty & take out the bins. It might almost be like a real person lives here after that.

Knitting has NOT been going so well up until today. I started numerous projects and frogged all of them. My head was still pretending it was full of mince. I finally managed today, on try #4, to work all the set up and 1 pattern repeat of Arabella by Kristen Hanley Cardozo, Number 4 mainly because I got a little lost  and when I tried to frog back to my lifeline I snagged and snapped the yarn. I bought the double package of Kristen’s shawl patterns, and might use my Precious 4 ply for a Clothilde. I have also made a little headway on my cardi for Tor, she saw my Not Just Noro in the flesh (much nicer than the pictures) and wants one.. did I tell you all this before? Like I said head has been mince, so I apologise for any repeating.


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