The gloves were knitting up great, but I realised they were also knitting up huge…

I have frogged them, and will reknit on smaller needles. I will though, need to go and buy those needles as the 2.5mm I was using were the smallest I currently have. Ravelry says 2mm needles for Maahinen. I need to go to John Lewis today anyway so I will see what they have.

I’ve decided I really do need a printer, it’s just not practical to take the laptop out so that I can have access to my PDF knitting patterns.

I also finally finished my Fire and Brimstone. Only issue was that in knitting the correct bust size, the shoulders ended up too wide. After taking all this time to finish it, there was no way I could frog it. Luckily a certain Pidlike friend visited and it suited her… seems I am knitting her an entire new wardrobe as the Kahluraa also ended up being hers. I am debating making gluten free cheesecake today. It needs to cool with the oven, I could make it and leave it in the oven when I go out. Or do it later….

I need more coffee before making any decisions.


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