I have been knitting, honest..

Plodding on with the gloves. Plodding in a good way, I feel fine about picking up and putting down, doing a row here and there. I’m now knitting two pairs though.. the plum ones and a grey pair (I can get more of the grey to make a hat/scarf, but not enough of the plum). I’m crocheting the odd row of flowers too, when the mood takes me.

My Arabella may have bitten the dust.. again. I had an envelope with my row notes on.. like you do, and then I stupidly tidied up, things don’t get lost when the place is a mess, I know exactly which pile of stuff is which, but yeah… the envelope has gone to the great recycling plant in the sky. I’ll print out the pattern and see if I can work out where I am, but it may be Frogsville for the shawl again. I am determined to knit this, but maybe the knitting gods are telling me it’s not the right time… we’ll see.

I’ve also been busy cooking the last couple of days, I have a huge bowl of roasted veggies and some sweet and tasty oven dried tomatoes. I’m planning on a huge salad later with all my goodies. I’ve also managed to read a little.

All this activity = no blogging time, I must get more organised!


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