Post funk.

Things are poddling along. Benefits now sorted out, although I’m not sure I cancelled a standing order in time, so may need to poke HA for a refund at some point. Feel I can now relax a little. My biggest chore now is to catch up on the laundry – if the EU had a laundry mountain to go with their butter mountain & milk lake of past years, people would look at my flat and think it was being stored here. I frogged the grey gloves, because I had dropped a stitch waaaay back on the increases, and with the slipped stitches it seemed easier to reknit them that try to work it out.

More yarn to wind, I got more grey to make hat/scarf to go with the gloves, although I managed to order Aarni instead of Maahinen… it’s natural undyed from the same sheep so the colour matches so it’ll be fine. I also have my NDS precious lace to wind.

I’m hoping my lace head sorts out soon I could do with having something pretty to knit as well as something practical, especially as I have all this lovely yarn to use. Maybe I have too much choice, hence my inability to start and stick with anything.

When I started knitting again, I was determined not to have a big stash of yarn, I was going to buy yarn for specific projects. I was going to knit them and move on to new yarn and a new pattern. Then I started planning in advance and bought yarn for *future projects*.. then I changed my mind and bought yarn for something else, then I’d just see yarn I loved and bought it and, slowly but surely, I ended up with a stash. I now have a specific area just for all my knitting paraphernalia.

Insidious stuff this yarn.


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