I haven’t lost my Mojo…

I’ve lost my focus.

When my Knitting Mojo goes, I have no desire to knit, my eyes slide off yarn like it doesn’t exist. I find many things very interesting, I read, I sew… whatever. Right now I WANT to knit, I fondle yarn, I look up endless patterns, but when I cast on I just can’t keep my head on what I’m doing. I make silly mistakes, can’t *see* the pattern and end up in Frogsville. I do have some just straight forward knitting I could do. I promised T a cardi and it’s sitting doing nothing.. nice soothing stocking stitch, I have the gloves of plum gorgeousness, not too difficult as I’m not at the fingers yet, I could wind the Grey Aarni and think about a hat… I could dig out old UFOs, knit Ludy the elephant I promised her…  all worthy tasks.

Mostly though I want to be able to get my head round lace again. I want to force my brain to conform, make it work. Until that happens, until I can focus on that, I think I won’t be able to focus on any knitting, and it’s driving me round the bend.


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