Gosh, Knitting and Blogging On the Same Day

Whatever next?

Right now I am supposed to be finishing knitting a cardigan. I’m on the home stretch, the second sleeve. Unfortunately, it’s knit in garter stitch, and we all know how that goes, after so much mindless knitting the will to live is lost, so today has been dedicated to more advanced knitting, just to get my brain going (tomorrow will be back to the cardi – it’s a Christmas present, so I do need to get it done).

The friend who I am knitting the cardi for, well for her mum, gave me some yarn a while back (I must ask again what it is), she has the other half of it, and the plan was for us to both knit an Annis. We started, we frogged. I started mine, helped start hers. I refrogged mine… you get the picture. Last night I cast  on the 363st and I have done 4 whole rows! Oddly, having *lost* my lace head a while back, I am totally enjoying it. I have settled into the symmetry of the repeats, I know where I am at each stitch (so far, at least). It’s definitely refreshing my Knitting Mojo, and I seem to have found my lace head.

I just wish I could keep going, but there are thing to do in the House of Raa. Bins need emptied, beds need changed and shopping and lasagne assembly need to happen.

Ohhh, I also was really bad and ordered some new NDS Precious, in Caliban.. but I can’t remember even vaguely what colour that is.. oops?

This mostly isn’t what I sat down to write at all, I had more to say about knitting lace, maybe another time…


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