So my lovely friend Tash came over the other night, we pinned the Coooaaaat on me and she helped with where to put the top button hole. What Tash and I looked at was, when it was held together, where the collar edge naturally wanted to fold, and I think this is absolutely dependent on boob size, and how the *gals* shape the fabric.

So the pinning. I had already sewn the left shoulder seam, and I used some little padlock type stitch markers to join the side seam. We made sure it was sitting  properly, then pinned the edge of the back right shoulder to the sturdy, fitted Tshirt I had on (yes, I made myself into a dressmakers dummy).  We held the front to my body, as it would be when buttoned, and looked at where it wanted to fold. Voila, we popped in a marker and that was that.  Funnily it was exactly where I’d thought it would end up, 12ins down from the shoulder, where the pattern says the second button should be.

I’ve marked the other 2 buttonholes and hopefully I’ll have the front finished by the end of this weekend. I say hopefully, as I’m being a bit tonsilly and not feeling too great. I await my lovely man turning up with paracetamol, soup and hugs, which, I am sure. will cure me.


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