Gloves of DOOOM! (Warning: this post may contain swearing)

One of the projects I have on needles are these, Primrose Gloves. These are one of the reasons I got the blog back up and running. I wanted to blog the gloves. my friend wanted them very badly and I foolishly agreed to help and knit them for her, the pattern made her eyes bleed.

They are beautiful to behold, but then well.. you read the pattern and your brain runs out of your ears, all the time you are repeating over and over, “what the shitting fuck?” and “Whyyyyyy?”,  fear not, they only LOOK like they are trying to kill you.

The cast on seems to be horrendously complicated, but in the end you do get a lovely stretchy cast on that has no obvious cast on edge. It is a wonder of knitting ingenuity, of course by this time you may have stabbed yourself in the eyes with your DPNs so you may just have to take my word for it, and I think it’s lovely that someone is taking the time to read this post out loud to you in an effort to comfort you.

Next the flowers, they are pretty standard knitting, no big evils.. and then you see you have to duplicate stitch them, it will make them sit up and look pretty, but it’s a lot of work (I haven’t duped mine yet they are still blocking.. after a whole week…). Oh, yes, blocking… I had to guess/work out the blocking size for the flowers, from the knitting gauge as the pattern doesn’t say. It’s 2ins by 2ins if you wondered.

I will be returning to post more about them once I’ve done a bit more.



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