So, um hi.

Things have been both eventful and uneventful. I’ve been ill and had lots of holes poked in me, but not really done an awful lot.

Currently have a few things on needles, but even my knitting has suffered this past while. Most notably by the fact that I have no job anymore and therefore no yarnpennies.

My stash suffered, I wondered if my lack of desire to knit stemmed from the fear that eventually I would… I can barely stand to type these words… run out of yarn… *lies down with a cold cloth on forehead*. Turns out I was just lacking inspiration and the ability to sit upright and knit for part of the time (labyrinthitis).

A lovely friend donated some skeins recently, and that does seem to have spurred me on (not just knitting  with the yarn she gave me either, using up some of my bought yarn too). I am currently on a mad hat knitting spree. Odd since we’ve had a week long heatwave here in (normally not so) sunny Scotland. Four and a half hats in one week, the other half hat is still on needles and being knitted, but it went outside the week. It involves cables, and therefore concentration, and there hasn’t been a lot of that – due to a throat infection and a lovely man visiting.

I shall prevail.


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