So here we go with the Gloves of Doom again.

I decided in my infinite wisdom that I should get a start on the duplicate stitching, as I had promised Tor that I’d have one ready for her to kitchener on to the cuff/first rows of the glove by next Friday. I started midflower as that was where there was the larger number of flat even stitches.

It’s SO fiddly! you have all the increases and the row on the edge and it’s making for a really stiff fabric that is curling up… then you get to the middle section. MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!  Staring intently at fairly small stitches, trying to work out how to Dupe the increases left me with a storming headache and an inability to focus (I’m long sighted and think I need new glasses, which didn’t help). I had to take painkillers and lie down in a darkened room…. well, lie on the sofa and listen to the TT racing on the radio.

I have half a flower done and am waiting for a really sunny day to do the other half, so I have the best light possible, but am wincing and can feel my head throbbing just thinking about it.


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