Like a Wheel Within a Wheel

Except without the wheel….

I have a new obsession, all thanks to the same person responsible for the Gloves of Doom.

A few weeks ago I went over and helped Tor sort out her stash, all eleventy million boxes. We used a fairly simple rule of sorting by weight, pulling out and boxing separately stuff that was current or imminent project, popping all her sundries in a box and needlerolling her DPNs. She kindly sent me off with a bag of yarn.. well my trolley as well as a drop spindle. Last Friday she passed me some fibre to have a wee practice on – no point in me buying fibre if I was all thumbs or if I thought it was the most boring thing ever.

I spun, not very well admittedly, but Ooooh and Ahhhhh. I have some TERRIBLE yarn, but I am addicted, and I do feel that I learned stuff, although I also feel guilty as I feel I wasted fibre, which I know is stupid because I LEARNED STUFF. I have to keep repeating it to myself until my heart agrees with my head.

As you may or may not know, I have been ill, and am currently not working., This means I don’t have much in the way of spare cash, so buying more fibre was an issue. I was searching the interwebs frantically for anything I could afford, but wasn’t having much luck, when I got an email form a site that I hadn’t looked at in ages. They were offering free P&P over the Jubilee weekend.. and when I looked they also had a fantastic price for undyed merino tops. I ordered 400g which arrived yesterday… SPINNING!

My Lovely Bloke is a master carpenter, and (unprompted by me, see that’s why he’s lovely and gets capitals) spent a long time last weekend looking at spinning wheel plans. He says he has plans to make me a spinning wheel, I am so excited I could wee myself. Just call me the Spinning Tena Lady.


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