Wrist distaff, pattern… kind of

I just thought maybe I’d post how I made the distaff.

Using Mirasol Sulka (Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)) in Horseradish (MC) and Cocoa (CC), I used about 25g of each colour, and 6.5mm needles

Using MC I cast on 20 sts using a provisional cast on and left a long tail (enough for a row). In garter stitch I knitted enough rows in the main colour to cover the back of my wrist then started on 2 rows MC, 2 rows CC until it fitted slightly stretched round my wrist.

I picked up the sts from the provisional cast on and knitted a row using the tail so that both ends were at the same side, then holding the needles parallel I knitted a stitch from both needles together, leaving me with a joined tube and live stitches, this formed the cuff.

I then knit about 27 more rows, keeping to the 2 rows of each colour yarn, and cut the yarn, again leaving a long tail.

Using the tail I grafted the sts on my needle to the body of the cuff at the end of the main colour section, and then sewed up the back of the top tube to form a pocket.

You can see pictures in the previous post.


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