Promises and how to (kind of) keep them

A few weeks ago you will remember I posted about how I almost went blind duplicate stitching the flowers on the Gloves of Doom, I still wince. Most people would have given up at that point I feel. These, though, are special and promises had been made. You will also remember that I usually meet the Gloves of Doom Lady (the person for whom I am enduring all the suffering and who will, eventually, be the owner of the gloves) on Fridays, but that we haven’t met on Fridays for a while. The promises that were made were made on a Friday, with the full expectation that Fridays would remain our day of cake.. I mean day of knitting. We both made knitting promises; GoD Lady promised that in 2 Friday’s time she would have knitted the back of her jumper, and I promised I would have a flower duped and ready to be grafted to a wrist. Of course the intention was that that would be 2 weeks from the day we made the promises, but the things and the stuff happened and there weren’t Fridays so the promises were altered, “No”, we said, “I haven’t finished, but it’s not Friday yet, it will need to be next Friday”, but Friday never came. My flowers have languished in a bag, until today. Today is sunny.

I did think that the universe was having a bit of a laugh though. Sun was streaming in though the window, so I got up and dug out the GoD bag and plopped it on the table beside the chair in the window, the sun dimmed for a second. I went to the loo the sun brightened. I came back and sat down, the sun went behind a cloud, I got up and turned to look out of the window, the sun came out, I sat down… I ignored the sun, it stayed out and I have done most of one more petal.

So, promises can still be kept, NEXT Friday.

*excuse horribly blurry picture, I REALLY need to find the camera cable so I don’t have to use my phone.


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