Happy Summer

The weather here has been a bit rubbish this week, not very Mid-summer like at all. I’m no sun bunny, but dreich and dismal rain isn’t my thing either. I’ve mostly stayed inside and dry. It has given me the chance to do some catching up on blogs though, as well as not having written in mine for a long time until the other week, I have also not been reading others. Reading about all the fab things people have been up to inspired me to do a bit of knitting, Lovely Bloke’s hat has grown by a few inches, he was here and very excited that I was actually knitting something for him for a change. I don’t usually do a lot of crafty stuff when he’s here, I always feel like it’s a bit antisocial, but I’m so used to my hands *doing something* whilst watching tv or listening to music or reading, I felt really odd not to. Restless hands syndrome?

I’m now trying to decide what do do tonight, I have singles I could ply (and 2 stubbies of beer), I have empty spindles I could fill, or I could knit, or crochet. A world of possibilities to procrastinate over, but I guess before I do any of that I should procrastinate over making dinner. I have some bargalicious, reduced to clear, organic beef to roast. Mmmmm….


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