I think I forgot to mention

There’s more actual yarn. I have another skein of the creamy merino, which I am really quite happy with compared to the first one. It’s better plied, still wraps to 9 per inch, so I guess for the moment that’s my default. I’m not worrying about trying to change that and to be able to learn to do different weights yet. I think getting any yarn even and consistent is what’s called for first, and also I’d like to have a quantity of the same yarn to knit something with. I also have one skein of the green/blue/yellow yarn plied too. I don’t have measurements for the length of either of them yet. GBY yarn is in the bedroom where I hung it out of the way to dry, and I just haven’t got round to reskeining and working out the yardage for the undyed merino yet, although I should poke myself with sharp sticks to get that done as I do have 2 more lots of singles to ply.

Today GoD Lady is at Woolfest, and I couldn’t be more jealous but, being lovely, she has offered to do some shopping for me. If she can, she will get me more of the undyed merino – we don’t know if Texere will have those big bags with them, if not I will just buy it online again – and she’s been given a budget of a few pounds to find me some fibre she thinks I will love, which she can spend regardless of finding merino. Either way I get more fibre which makes me happy. Next year I WILL have a job and I will be able to go to Woolfest and buy everything… well maybe not everything, but lots.


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