Lots and lots

It would seem I’ve been a bit busy since I last posted. I plyed my singles, the yarn’s almost dry, I made another 2 lots of singles and plyed them, that yarn has just been washed and is hanging up, AND I reskeined and measured Skein 2 (76 yards).

Once my head worked out that, yes, my swift WILL change angle, so I CAN use it parallel to the floor, it made winding the yarn off the spindle go MUCH faster. It’s amazing how you don’t always work these things out sooner, the skein’s not very neat, but it’ll get redone once it’s dry – there’s always that bit at the start that’s looser as the yarn pulls the swift in as you wind.

My friend didn’t manage to get the merino for me so I’ve ordered that online. Hopefully it will arrive before I manage to finish the fibre I’ve got here.

On top of doing all that I also managed to cook a tasty supper. Adapted from this recipe – I omitted the onion and added bacon.

All in all a very productive weekend.


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