There’s a title in my head somewhere

I am tired today, I even had to go for a nap, and I am still a very yawny-faced Raa.

Yesterday I was mostly domestic, in a cleaning and cooking kind of way, but I did find time to sort out the rescue knitting for GoD Lady. The jumper now has armholes, the shoulders are joined and I also picked up all the stitches for the hood and knit in all the wraps, so she’s good to have at it on Friday. Later on I did pick up my spindle but really I just couldn’t find my rhythm and I kept breaking the fibre so I set it aside and spent time with my Lovely Bloke.

Today I had to play a bit of catch up. The dreaded flower from the Gloves of Doom was nagging me – it needs done by Friday so I cut a piece of yarn and duplicated stitches until it ran out, I have half a petal left to do tomorrow. I also decided to ply the GreenBlueYellow single. When I was spinning the last bit I didn’t really think there was enough to warrant making 2 singles so I decided to make one then Andean ply it. Minor trouble, it was really a bit too much, so kept snagging and breaking so there are, unfortunately, a lot of joins  (insert sad face), but it’s done, and tomorrow I may well skein and wash it to set it.  Talking of skeining and washing, I did an experiment.

The other day I was pondering on whether plying fixed everything, so I took a left over piece of a single and set it. It was twisted for plying so it was more twisted than I’d have made it if I had intended to keep it single, but it turned out pretty much OK. I dried it without weighting and it hangs almost straight – there’s a very, very slight drift to the right in the skein, so I all in all I’m pretty happy with my twist.

Today more fibre arrived, I have another 400g of undyed merino from Texere, that should keep me occupied for a wee while at least. I am off to see if there’s a terrible film on I can watch. Be good.


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