In Your Face Gloves of Doom!

Well rather flower from Gloves of Doom. GoD Lady got stuck in traffic, so I was finished dupe stitching the flower before she arrived…. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take the pattern, so it wasn’t grafted on *doh*.

I am caffeinated, and caked (Apricot and almond tart – below), and have done a bit of spinning. I feel productive, kind of.

I have some two at a time socks from GoD Lady to look at and to try to work out where she is in the pattern. I may need more brain that I currently have access to, so they will have to wait until I feel cleverer. Lovely Bloke is working all this weekend so I have bonus crafty time. I’m up to 513 yards of worstedish (9wpi) actual spun merino yarn so far. I haven’t finished the first bag quite yet,  although it’s getting close. It will be interesting to see how much of this I end up with. Luckily, if I do need more  to make a particular garment, as it’s undyed it’s not like I have to worry about dye batches and I can just get and make more.

Totally can’t work out if that last sentence makes sense, have run out of brain, please send more…


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