Change of Pace, and Fibre

Today I finished, bag one of the merino, it’s sitting waiting to be plyed, before I open bag two, I’ve decided to do something different for a bit and spin the Grey Suffolk.

It’s different from the merino, but not as different as I thought it’d be. I was expecting to be all thumbs, but other than dropping the spindle a couple of times it’s been fun.

I got all my tasks done yesterday… well other than the Gloves of Doom part. Here’s a picture of some plyed merino to distract you from that last comment.

I found the cable for the camera yesterday, not sure if the pictures are better, but the quality of the image is now. Having connected everything up. I also uploaded a whole load of yarn pictures to Ravelry, so I am feeling more virtuous than perhaps I should.

Today is GoD Lady’s birthday, so join me in wishing her many happy returns and many knitting and spinning related presents.


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