Hubble Bubble, Boils are Trouble

Yes, I have a boil, it’s just at the top of my arm at my oxter (remember our Scots lesson? No? Then armpit). I have applied a dressing with Magnesium Sulphate Paste and hope that’ll sort it out, it’s not horrendously sore, but it’s annoying.

Other than suppurating, today I have managed to finish spinning half of the Suffolk fibre, I’ve started plying the latest 2 merino singles, and made chicken stock. It’s just been strained and I’m reducing it down so I can freeze it.

Yet again I have forgotten to take anything out of the freezer to eat this evening. I am contemplating if I should pop to the shop, or just have egg and chips (fries if you are from ‘Mericaland), nice a quick and no faffing.


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