Coffee, Cake and Curses.


Worse than the Gloves of Doom, is the Hat of Cursedness. GoD Lady seems to have a knack of finding stuff that doesn’t work. She and I chat on line most days, and the other day, she said, “I cannot get this hat to work. I dunno if it’s using DPNs after a long time of using circs or what, but could you cast it on and maybe do a couple of rows?”  “Sure, I said, bring it on Friday.” I duly cast on and lost count, then realised I hadn’t left enough of a tail, ripped it back and let out a bit more yarn.. long tail cast on again… kept losing count, so got GoD lady’s husband (who joined us for a change – and we will call Bear as that’s his nickname) Bear to count, “99st” he said. I cast on one more st, then had a moment, I couldn’t work out how to knit in the round…

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady said.

I figured it out and we chatted, as I got to the second dpn, I realised I was knitting, and that I had knit the entire first needle, “So what?”, I hear you cry.. I should have been doing k2 p2 rib….

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady said. This time I joined in.

I tink it back. I rib. I end up with one stitch left…. I check, I have LOST a stitch somewhere.

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady and I say.

As I check the stitches, they start slipping off the ends of the dpns.

“It’s CURSED” GoD lady and I say.

In the end I gave up and brought it home. I will cast it on again and do the rib, and run over to her house and throw it at her at somepoint in the next couple of days, and as I do I will shout,

“Take it away. It’s CURSED!”

Today we have cake and coffee pictures to chase away the curses.


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