Vroom, splash

I have the F1 practice at Silverstone on TV. I’m on the sofa, with a snuggly shawl and a cup of coffee, I feel so sorry for the racing fans who are facing a cold wet weekend there. It’s a wet day here too, in some respects an improvement on yesterday as it was really close and muggy, at least there’s fresh air today. I’m trying to work up some enthusiasm for heading to the supermarket later on the back of Lovely Man’s bike. If anyone has seen my waterproofs, I’d like to know where they are as I will definitely need them. The rain is relentless.

Not quite conquered the cursed hat, there are about 6 rows of rib done, but I have managed to lie funny on my wrist so not sure if I’ll manage to get any done today – we may drop it off at GoD Lady’s when we go shopping, if she’s in.

Since there will be not a lot of shopping for fibre for a while, I have been popping a load of stuff on to Amazon with the Chrome app so I don’t forget where I see lovely stuff (as I’m using a borrowed netbook atm there’s no point in adding anything to bookmarks). I love that you can add things not listed on Amazon to your Wishlists!

I think I’ve found a project to go along with the spun merino. Dandelion will look good in cream yarn, which I couldn’t see working for other patterns I looked at. I also wanted something with a bit of shape. I am a small, round, shortwaisted lady, with generous boobage, and I can just look like a blob if I’m not careful.. actually I probably look bloblike even when I try not to *sigh*.  I like that on Ravelry you can look at *normal* people wearing the knitwear, you can look for people roughly your own size and shape and see how they look which is much more useful than the often sticklike models pictured on the patterns.


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