The Curse Continues

Met GoD lady yesterday to help her sew up her jumper, whilst she got on with the hat… I knit about an inch or rib for her on Saturday then woke up with a cursed wrist, so on Sunday she did a drive by hat collection as the hat has a deadline (birthday present). When she took it out of the bag it had thrown an entire needle out, she managed to pick it up and do some more, then it came time to swap to a circ from dpns.. it threw THREE needles while she was circ hunting, she gave up for the day (having had too much Pimms to make it work). On Monday morning she tried to pick up the stitches, and then there was an incident with a cat, a cup of coffee, her lap and yes, you guessed it  the cursed hat. She had to just start over with less coffee covered yarn. I am dreading hearing what’s happened so far today.

As for me, I am intermittently full of snot, suspect allergies, although I am never entirely sure it’s not a cold starting until the sneezing and feeling rubbish disappear. I haven’t done a huge amount. I plyed the Suffolk, and washed it. I think it might be dry, so I should check then I can measure it. I also measured the last bit of merino from bag one (760 yards in total) and I have started on bag 2.

Still waiting to hear about the Shetland I ordered on Friday. No word on it having left Lerwick and winging it’s way over water and land to get here, I am watching my email obsessively though.


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