Ooops, it’s been a week….

Life has been interesting. My brain has been poking me and making me hibernate a little, and then the meal I ate on Friday came back to haunt me at about 3 am. Pretty sure it’s safe to eat again today, but it’s probably best if I keep it simple.

I met GoD Lady on Thursday last week, she is a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! She denied me my socks, but she cast on a new shawl! BAD GoD Lady!

Personally, I have barely looked at anything much this past week. I did ply those singles, and I did knit a sleeve of the stripey shrug, and I joined it at the sholders and joined the neck, with kitchener stitch I might add. My spindle has been pretty neglected though, I already had a single and need a second and to ply them before I can look at doing any of the Shetland and I have only done a tiny bit. Given I have a job application to do this week, either I will get nothing done or I will procrastinate and spin my hands off. I really want the job. I need to overhaul my CV, and write a new kick ass personal statement and covering letter. I am very out of practice and I am not very good at talking myself up so…. *looks at spindle* I’ll be submitting the application at the end of this week, so I’d appreciate you all crossing your fingers for me if you don’t mind, although if you need your fingers for something else that’s OK, I wouldn’t want anyone to have an accident.


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