I have had 2 whole glasses of wine and I don’t drink, so you may have to excuse me. I may be drunktalking, it’s like sleepwalking but stupider.

We spend our whole lives hiding our crazy, from the world, and sometimes even from ourselves. We all have our own crazy, if you say you don’t, and truly believe that, then THAT is your crazy.

We don’t tell people how we really feel cuz they’ll think we are dumb (for dumb read mental). We have quirks, we like things done a particular way or hate it that others do things differently, like leaving the fridge door open while they pour milk into their coffee and not close it then reopen it to put the milk away, or take too much butter then scrape it back off the toast and back into the butter dish. We laugh at other people’s crazy whilst fearing that they will discover our own particular brand.

Today I have shared some of my crazy, any of you feel like sharing a little bit of yours?


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