Dishes as a Barometer of Health.

Today we’ll talk about mental health. I have a history of depression going back years and years, more recently my brain has added anxiety to the mix. It was probably always there but in the background, and not so obvious.

Something I noticed today. I can tell how well I am, not just physically, but mentally by how many dirty dishes there are, and how long they have been there.

A few years ago my life went madly stressful, and I ended up having a huge panic attack at work and I was ill for a few months, oddly it was another really stressful event that broke the cycle, and set me on the road to getting back to living my life. Anyway during the time I was ill, I was really *organised*, I guess my brain’s way of forcing order on a time of chaos, and my dishes were always washed before I went to bed (normally  leave stuff until the next day but not longer), they had to be done else I’d not settle. Once I got better I went back to my more normal pattern,

Last week my brain took control and I went into a bit of a tailspin, I left my dishes for DAYS before washing them. Today I realised that had actually started the week before.

It is entirely possible that I can use the state of my kitchen as a barometer of my mental health, and an early warning system. I don’t know how I can use that to help STOP what’s going on in the depths of my head, but forewarned is forearmed.


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